Gunship III Update 3.5.6 is now available for Amazon Kindles (2nd generation and above)

Gunship III Update 3.5.6

Hi all,

Today, I’m very excited to announce that Gunship III 3.5.6  update is now released to the public. This is the most wonderful release in Gunship III’s history. For the first time, beta testers have been involved directly in the development process. They have contributed their precious time, played through seven beta builds and pointed out countless issues, glitches, problems. I’m really proud of this update because it is the most bug cleaned build ever released. Thanks again guys! :)

This release includes many important features that are very important for the future of Gunship III and many later games which would probably inherit code from this Gunship series.

1. Pilot Profile
From now on, your achievements are recorded into the pilot profile section. The game records number of air kills, ground kills, ejections, rescue other pilots, deaths and also friendly kills. Based on these value, the game will calculate your total points for  each game:


Total is calculated using this formula below:

Total point = (Air kills + Rescues – Deaths – (Friendly kills x 10) ) x (Victories +1)

For campaign mode, this formula is developed to encourage players to cooperate with others to achieve victory over the other team: more victory earned , the more points.

Players who committed friendly kills will be badly punished by a negative multiplied by 10, basically, if you kill a friend doesn’t matter it is your intention or not, you won’t get any point for that session.

Future update will use total point to award players with aircraft paint schemes and new weapons…

Also, soon players will be able to save their profile on the cloud so that they could retrieve back in case of game reinstall.

2. Pilot G limit

Pilot is also now limited by his body endurance of G force in combat. This value represents as “Max G” in the pilot’s profile page. New pilot will be granted with the maximum G of 4.5.

However, the more players exceed their Max G, the more they could push their Max G to higher each game session. This feature simulates pilot training  in real world. The more you train the better you are.

The ability to pull more G is extremely important during air combat. It reflects how tight you could turn against your opponents and stay on his tail for gun or missile shots.

Pilot also experience “Red Out” if negative G affects the body. Negative G limit is -2.0 and fixed.



3. Instant Dogfight

“Instant Dogfight” is a brand new game-mode which allows players to engage dogfight instantly without finding opponents. This mode also provides a target rich environment where all players in the room are your enemy.  The last player who receives victory credit when all other opponent eliminated, in other words, the last one who survives the battle would win.

Gunship III Free demo version allows players to fly jets in this game-mode with minimal armaments.

You will find many aircrafts have some special load-outs  that only available in this game-mode and sometimes not existed in the real world. Armaments in this modes are designed to max out aircraft’s dogfight capability.

Jet fuel and gun ammo are unlimited in order to maximum the fun factor.

To play the game realistically, please play campaign-mode where aircraft’s fuel and armaments need to be carefully managed.



4. New terrain and realistic terrain surfaces

One of the great feature of this release is the new terrain graphics. Mountain geometries are smoother than before with new high resolution textures provide players with the experience of speed while flying low.


Terrain surfaces are also simulated which prevents fast jets to land on grass or jungle (F-4, F-100…). Slower propeller driven airplanes such as A-1 Skyraider could land on grass. Light jets could land on grass with care such as Mig-17,19 and 21s.

5. Improvements:

a/ F-4D new model and cockpit

The F-4D Phantom II model and cockpit is now replaced with a higher detail resolution 3D model the same as the F-4B in the Navy version.

b/ Realistic missile modeling

There are two important changes related to missile’s capability:

* AIM-9 and K-13 heat-seek missile won’t track or lock if pilot launch at head on enemy aircrafts. The maximum angle for the heat seek guide head to track is +/-120 degrees view of the aircraft engine exhaust.

* AIM-7 Radar Guided missile reliability is now reduced to 50% to reflect the technology limitation of the Vietnam War era. Basically, only half of the missile launched works).

c/ Improve and add more AIs

More AIs are put back to the game. However, this reduce the game frame-rate in multiplayer mode on some low-end devices. High-end devices are not affected.

d/ Improve spectator 3d models

All aircraft 3D models in Spectator Mode are now upgraded to the same detail level as player’s aircrafts.

e/ Improve rendering (dynamic shadow)

High-end iOS devices (iPad 4th, iPhone 5 and above) now have “Dynamic Shadow” enable which allow players to experience even more immersive experience. This feature brings the render quality of mobile version up to or almost equivalent to PC. Currently, this is available only on iOS devices, soon it will be available on Android together with ability to turn off if players like to increase  frame rate.





For discussion about this release, please visit this thread below:


Gunship III 3.5.6 Promo Video

Gunship III 3.5.6 Update will be available for all platforms this weekend.

Android players could access the game early through Beta Test program, please follow this link:



Phillip Phan

Update 3.5.0 and U.S.NAVY are now available for iOS and Androids

What’s News:

Gunship-III Navy:
This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series. Features flyable A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk and F-4B Phantom II. Full feature U.S. Navy carrier take-off and landing with deck crew, Surface to Air Missiles for both side, Radar Warning Receiver for US’s planes. Players could play co-op or against other players on Gunship-III original and Gunship-III Vietnam People Airforce.

Gunship-III Free:
* SAMs for US and VN
* Realistic fuel consumption for helicopters
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

Gunship-III Full:
* Long range F-4D
* SAMs for US and VN
* Fix jettison button problem
* Realistic fuel consumption for helicopters and jets
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

Gunship-III VPAF:
* New MIG-21M with 4 missiles
* SAMs for US and VN
* Fix jettison button problem
* Realistic fuel consumption for jets
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

***For MacAppStore, please wait for couple days.






Update 3.4.0 is now available

*Fix throttle higher than 100%
*Fix ejection seat delay
*Fix rudder crash issue => limit sensitivity settings
*Added New LZ, Helicopter carrier closer to North Vietnam
* Improved game performance
* Added MiG-19 (J-6)

Forum thread:  http://gunship3d.proboards.com/thread/434/update-3-4-avalible

Update 3.3.2 is now available on all supported platforms.

Feature #1365: Radar block by terrain
Feature #1414: camera follow downed pilot
Feature #1420: free version could choose LZ
Feature #1421: Map joystick ejection
Feature #1457: Disable auto eject
Task #1505: Change music
Task #1507: Jettison button
Task #1508: Bore sight radar mode for F4
Task #1509: Double phantom visual range
Task #1515: Spectator mode

Forum thread:





Gunship III Vietnam People’s Air Force is now available

For Download please visit the link below:




Update 3.3.0 is now available on all supported platform

PvP support
Realistic dry and wet engine thrust
B-52 gunner and drop bombs
Vinh NVA airbase
Fix GUI shows up when startup
New water render
More realistic plane physics
Improve realism on fuel consumption
Optimize bullet physics

Update 3.2.4 is now available for all supported platforms.

*New cannon sound effects
*cannon recoil effects
*slightly improved graphics
*various improvements
*private multiplayer added
*added refresh button for room list

Forum thread and screenshots:


MIG-17 First Dogfight with Phantom

Hi everyone,

This week I have been working hard to finish coding the MIG-17, still have lots of work to be done; however, today I managed to have a dogfight training session with a player (callsign “Ghost Eyes”) who is the head of the 421st Fighter Squadron on Gunship3D’s forum (http://gunship3d.proboards.com/thread/31/421st-fighter-squadron).

The MIG-17 performed very well in air combat, especially at low speed and low altitude. The F-4 has advantage at distance combat where he could use his missiles ; however, once I could drag him into a close combat, he never could put his nose on my tail to fire a missile. The MIG were always out turn the Phantom, and just in a split second of 37mm fires, the Phantom was on fire and its pilots ejected.

Most the time, when we entered a turning contest, speed dropped down very low, just about 200-400km/h. At this speed, the MIG is more maneuverable than the Phantom. There was a time when the Phantom crashed into the terrain in a dive since he was too low and slow while the MIG could pull out easily.

Also flying the MIG at low altitude, turning between terrain and mountains will make it difficult for F4 to fire missiles. Even when the missile is tracking,  a sharp corner turn will force the missile to crash into the terrain. However, I got shot down by GhostEyes couple times using missiles while flying in open space.

In conclusion, despite having only cannons and a subsonic jet, the MIG-17 still could be dangerous machine if its pilot really knows his plane.

The MIG’s 37mm cannon is fantastic, it is really split a F4 in half like a fruit with just couple hits.

F-4 Phantom II

* Pros: hight speed, high climb rate and service ceiling, equipped with missiles.

* Cons: Large  size(easy hit with gun), less maneuverable at low speed.

MIG-17 Fresco

* Pros: Small size, light, small turn radius, high caliper cannon.

* Cons: Slow speed and climb rate, limited armaments.

View all screenshots at the link below:


MIG-17 Gameplay preview videos

Update 3.2.2 is now available for OSX

* Change ejection keys to ALT left/right
* Louder engine sound effects
* Other minor improvements

Patch update 3.2.1 for iOS is now available for download

* Should fix  all crashes.

* Prevent status bar shows up in game.

* Prevent Notification Center to be pulled down together with ejection handles

* Fix keyboard close bug, also show text while typing.

Known Issue:

Terrain render slowly shifted sometimes while aircraft flying at high speed.

Community forum for Gunship III and bug fixes for iOS update.

Hi all,

It have been a busy week for us, since we are now working on the coming PvP version for Gunship-III and also solving  lots of compatibility issues of the new iOS7 together with adding new contents to our newly created community forum.

Fixes for iOS

The patch update (3.2.1) for iOS has been sent to Apple couple days ago and have been in the approval process for 5-6 days. The last message from Apple was that the free version is approved while the paid version is in final review. I think both versions will be released in a day from now.

We have been received many complains about the bad iOS update. We are sorry for the problems, however, nothing we could do to speedup the approval process. iOS7 update was pretty tough since it requires the developer to upgrade his entire tool chain and the upgrade alone takes couple days. At the time issues were discovered, the update was already in the final state of the approval process and if we revoked the release at the time, you (iOS folks) will have to wait for another week for the new update to start it journey all over again. So we have no choice to let the bad release out and then push the patch in right after that. It seems like those issues only show up on iPhones and iPods while iPads version work just fine.

For Android, there is no or very short approval process, so it is much easier to send out a patch update. Hopefully, Apple will shorten their approval process in the future.

New Community Forum

We are now officially have a community forum for all players to create  or join squadrons, discuss about new features, new  aircrafts and much more.

The forum is still new, so not much contents are generated, so please check it out at and  add more contents into it if you like. Tutorials are very welcome since the game still doesn’t have an official User’s Manual yet.

Forum link: http://gunship3d.proboards.com

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 4.00.12 PM



New developments

We are now working on the MIG-17PF, so here are some preview screenshots of this jet.

Enjoy and also if you like to discuss about it, feel free to check out this forum thread below:


(Since we have the forum now, discussions on this main website won’t be replied, and will be removed in near future)

We will keep you updated with the new aircrafts & features.

New improvements:

* Afterburner kick (you will feel a kick when AB engaged)

* More realistic engine thrust

* Radar lock/scan will be blocked by terrain (allow low-flying aircrafts to avoid radar detections)

* New airfields for North Vietnamese Airforce


screenShots-45.9867 screenShots-54.76212 screenShots-59.11962 screenShots-72.58109 screenShots-76.99503



Update 3.2.0 is now available for iOS devices.

Update 3.2.0 Latest gameplay footages

Hi all,

Here is the link to the latest videos of release 3.2.0.




Update 3.2.0 is now available.

Hi all,

Update 3.2.0 is now ready for Google Play and please allow 1-2 days for Amazon Store, 5-6 days for iOS AppStore due to their approval process.

What’s New:

  • Take off at all locations
  • New engine sound effects
  • New missile hit sounds
  • New heli physics
  • Ejection seat for planes
  • Rescue pilot task for helis
  • New mission brief texts
  • Improve gunner accuracy
  • Various bug fixes & improvements

This new version allows helicopter players to takeoff at any  of the available LZs in order to reduce travel distance and flight time. You are always logged in at Nakkhon airbase first, then you can pause , select your prefer location and hit “Restart”.


Engine sound for airplanes are now redone with realistic sounds (recorded from real aircraft), and also different sound tracks for different aircraft distance. Sound effects for helicopters also will be revived in near future updates.

Some other sounds such as “missile hit” are also replaced.


We have been received many complains about the helicopter physics and now finally we have a completely new helicopter physic codes which result in a smoother and much more realistic behavior. Yaw no longer affects Roll, and sudden “flip over” in hard turn is also eliminated.  Helicopter lift capabilities are also adjusted to reflect the actual performance of real aircrafts.


This is the major feature of this release. Airplanes with ejection seat now have two yellow handles at the top of the screen. Pull both handles down at the same time with eject pilot from the aircraft:


Ejection seats are also modeled realistically and different between aircrafts in both performance and mechanism.

The F-4 Phantom II is equipped with a zero/zero Martin-Baker ejection seat which allows pilots to survive even at zero airspeed and altitude. Ejection sequence is also realistic with seat separation and chute opens at  below 4,500 feet for reduce player waiting time. (In reality, chute opens at below 10,000 feet).

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.07.42 PM

Any two seats aircraft requires more time for ejection, the back seat will go first and then the front  at a moment later.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.11 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.07.10 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.07.24 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.06.58 PM

For zero/zero ejection seat, pilot could eject at any orientations, the seat will automatically make correction once rocket motor is activated.

Pilot will be attached with the seat in free fall if the ejection is above 4,500 feet.

Below 4,500 feet, the seat will  be automatically separated together with chute open for a safe landing.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.01.19 PM

Do not restart the game if you would like somebody to rescue the pilot. Wait until the pilot landed on ground, after that you could just stay there and wait for someone come to rescue or restart with a helicopter and rescue him by yourself.

You could always chat while ejecting and landed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.01.03 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.01.35 PM

For the F-100D Super Sabre, ejection seat doesn’t work at zero/zero and doesn’t have rocket motor; instead, it uses explosive charges to shoot the seat out. Similarly, the Skyraider uses explosive charge and a crane mechanism to pull the pilot out of the cockpit; therefore, so ejection sequence is lots more dangerous compared to zero/zero seat.

For now, anything go wrong with your ejection sequence won’t result in fatal for the pilot.

Also if your aircraft got hit and going down, the plane will eject you automatically. This is not realistic but will allow more successful ejections. However, you will die if your aircraft explode in mid-air.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.35 PM


The best practice is to takeoff at the closest LZ. Look at the distance between downed pilots and the LZs (downed pilots are marked in pink).

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.01.57 PM

The pilots will run toward your helicopter if you get close enough. Try to land close to him as much as possible since he could get kill anytime while running to you. Once your aircraft touch him, he will be on boarded and you could fly him back safely to the closest base or LZs.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.06.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.08.51 PM

If the pilot landed on a cliff that you cannot reach , try to get him follow you to a flat area so you can land.

Besides all the new features described above, the release has fixed many bugs and glitches reported by users, also improve gunner shooting capability (You will get best result if fly low and maintain speed about below 80 kts,, the slower the better).

That’s all for this update.

Coming up next release:  Flyable MIG-17, 19 and 21.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Update 3.1.0 is now available for iOS devices.

Update 3.1.0 is now available for Google Play (1-2 days for Amazon and 4-6 days for iOS)

What’s New

* Fix various bugs
* Fix cobra gun turret problem
* Auto ban bad players
* Improve calibration
* Auto lock device orientation in-flight
* Disable collision between player aircrafts
* Optimize network

Update 3.0.9 is now available for download.

Hi all,

Here is the release of Update 3.0.9 with some changes listed below:

  • Change aircraft without leaving game session (full only)
  • All orientation calibration
  • Multiplayer: Session owner could ban players
  • Multiplayer: Session join/create panel
  • Fix huey attitude indicator inverted


This update allow players to choose which room (game session) to join or create your own room if you choose to. When you start the game, a dialog box will appear and lists all available game rooms for you to join, tap on “JOIN” button next to the room name  to join.

If you would like to create a new room and become the owner of that room, tap on “NEW ROOM” button.


For this update, when you hit “Pause” button, there is a drop-down box which lists all available aircrafts for you to switch. Simply select the desired aircraft and then tap on “RESTART” button.


If you own a room, you could now ban other players from your room if you want to.

To ban a player, look at the ID tag number after the player’s call sign. For example: “Phillip (23)” => 23 is the player’s ID. Type into the chat box “ban” command follow by the player ID : “ban 23″ and then hit enter. The game will ask you to confirm the action by re-enter the command one more time. Enter “ban 23″ again will force that player to be disconnected from your room immediately.

Once  a player has been banned, he will not able to connect to your room anymore unless you create a new room.

If you’re not the owner of the room and type a “ban” command into the chat, the game will tell you who has the authority to “ban” and ask you to contact that player instead.

Sometimes, the room owner will change if the original owner leave the game. The second player who has joined the game will inherit the room and  will have power to ban.


If you want to completely control who to play with, always create a new room and let others join your room.

If you join a room and a “bad” player happens to be the room’s owner, simply leave that room and find a new room to join or create your own room.

=> Eventually, bad behaved players won’t have anyone to play with, and soon has to conform to the rule.

As usual, this update is now available on Google Play, 1-2 days for Kindle Fire and 4-6 days on iOS.



New GUNSHIP III Montage video created by WARWOLF

Interesting documentary about the F-100

Update 3.0.8 is now available for MAC computers on the Apple MAC AppStore

Update 3.0.8 is now available for iOS devices.


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