Update 3.5.0 and U.S.NAVY are now available for iOS and Androids

What’s News:

Gunship-III Navy:
This game is an expansion pack of the Gunship-III Vietnam War series. Features flyable A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk and F-4B Phantom II. Full feature U.S. Navy carrier take-off and landing with deck crew, Surface to Air Missiles for both side, Radar Warning Receiver for US’s planes. Players could play co-op or against other players on Gunship-III original and Gunship-III Vietnam People Airforce.

Gunship-III Free:
* SAMs for US and VN
* Realistic fuel consumption for helicopters
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

Gunship-III Full:
* Long range F-4D
* SAMs for US and VN
* Fix jettison button problem
* Realistic fuel consumption for helicopters and jets
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

Gunship-III VPAF:
* New MIG-21M with 4 missiles
* SAMs for US and VN
* Fix jettison button problem
* Realistic fuel consumption for jets
* Optimize, reduce lags and crashes.

***For MacAppStore, please wait for couple days.






Update 3.4.0 is now available

*Fix throttle higher than 100%
*Fix ejection seat delay
*Fix rudder crash issue => limit sensitivity settings
*Added New LZ, Helicopter carrier closer to North Vietnam
* Improved game performance
* Added MiG-19 (J-6)

Forum thread:

Update 3.3.2 is now available on all supported platforms.

Feature #1365: Radar block by terrain
Feature #1414: camera follow downed pilot
Feature #1420: free version could choose LZ
Feature #1421: Map joystick ejection
Feature #1457: Disable auto eject
Task #1505: Change music
Task #1507: Jettison button
Task #1508: Bore sight radar mode for F4
Task #1509: Double phantom visual range
Task #1515: Spectator mode

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Gunship III Vietnam People’s Air Force is now available

For Download please visit the link below:



Update 3.3.0 is now available on all supported platform

PvP support
Realistic dry and wet engine thrust
B-52 gunner and drop bombs
Vinh NVA airbase
Fix GUI shows up when startup
New water render
More realistic plane physics
Improve realism on fuel consumption
Optimize bullet physics

Update 3.2.4 is now available for all supported platforms.

*New cannon sound effects
*cannon recoil effects
*slightly improved graphics
*various improvements
*private multiplayer added
*added refresh button for room list

Forum thread and screenshots:

MIG-17 First Dogfight with Phantom

Hi everyone,

This week I have been working hard to finish coding the MIG-17, still have lots of work to be done; however, today I managed to have a dogfight training session with a player (callsign “Ghost Eyes”) who is the head of the 421st Fighter Squadron on Gunship3D’s forum (

The MIG-17 performed very well in air combat, especially at low speed and low altitude. The F-4 has advantage at distance combat where he could use his missiles ; however, once I could drag him into a close combat, he never could put his nose on my tail to fire a missile. The MIG were always out turn the Phantom, and just in a split second of 37mm fires, the Phantom was on fire and its pilots ejected.

Most the time, when we entered a turning contest, speed dropped down very low, just about 200-400km/h. At this speed, the MIG is more maneuverable than the Phantom. There was a time when the Phantom crashed into the terrain in a dive since he was too low and slow while the MIG could pull out easily.

Also flying the MIG at low altitude, turning between terrain and mountains will make it difficult for F4 to fire missiles. Even when the missile is tracking,  a sharp corner turn will force the missile to crash into the terrain. However, I got shot down by GhostEyes couple times using missiles while flying in open space.

In conclusion, despite having only cannons and a subsonic jet, the MIG-17 still could be dangerous machine if its pilot really knows his plane.

The MIG’s 37mm cannon is fantastic, it is really split a F4 in half like a fruit with just couple hits.

F-4 Phantom II

* Pros: hight speed, high climb rate and service ceiling, equipped with missiles.

* Cons: Large  size(easy hit with gun), less maneuverable at low speed.

MIG-17 Fresco

* Pros: Small size, light, small turn radius, high caliper cannon.

* Cons: Slow speed and climb rate, limited armaments.

View all screenshots at the link below:


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